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Canadian Solar solar panels are high-quality products that are designed to create a cleaner, sustainable future that helps generations to come.

At Meico Solar we have a wide catalog of Canadia Solar solar panels, to cover the needs of any client and their projects in Latin America and the United States. Contact us for a personalized quote and quote for Canadian Solar products.

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Learn all about solar panels Canadian Solar

Canadian Solar solar panels are perfect for residential, commercial, utility or high power projects. They have a great reputation in the market thanks to their quality of high standards and the credibility of the company.

This company has transitioned to using higher efficiency mono PERC half-cut cells in their solar panels.

Residential Solar Panels Canadian Solar

Here are the Ku and HiKu lines, which can be purchased in polycrystalline and monocrystalline varieties.

Using 5-bus or multi-busbar (MBB) cast monocrystalline PERC half-cut cells achieve the high power ratings, ultimately achieving a maximum efficiency of 20.3%.

Commercial Solar Panels Canadian Solar

The same lines of residential panels are found for commercial and public services, but in much larger formats.

The HiKu series uses PERC half-cut cells, while the new HiKu5 and HiKu6 series use MBB cells to achieve a maximum efficiency of 21.3%.

Solar Panel Prices Canadian Solar

At Meico Solar you can buy Canadian Solar solar panels at the best prices. You can send us a quote by adding the desired products to the cart, and one of our sales executives will contact you to offer you the best prices and advice for your solar engineering projects.

Advantages of Canadian Solar Solar Panels

Now that you know everything about Canadian Solar solar panels, here at Meico Solar we present some of their advantages, so that you are encouraged to use them in your photovoltaic projects.

  • The Canadian Solar company is one of the largest manufacturers of solar panels in the world.
  • The lines of solar panels for home projects are HiKu and HiDM, which are excellent options in terms of performance.
  • The HiKu line is perfect for homes where ceiling space is very limited, as they have very high efficiency and a better temperature coefficient.
  • The HiDM line is cheaper and works better in the shade.
  • Canadian Solar’s solar panel warranty exceeds the industry standard for solar power projects.

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