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Trina Solar is an international provider of solar photovoltaic modules and smart energy solutions. This company offers its customers products and applications that promote sustainable development in the world.

They are in constant evolution and growth, since their mission is to popularize renewable energy in the 5 continents. Since October 2021, this company has delivered more than 80 GW of solar modules in the world. It has more than 19,000 employees and 100 customers around the globe.

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About the Trina Solar Solar Panel

The Trina Solar solar panel can be found in two lines: Vertex or Vertex S. Let’s see what its characteristics are.

The Trina Solar solar panel in the Vertex line is based on multi-busbar technology and incorporates 210mm silicon wafers, non-destructive cutting and high-density interconnect technologies that together allow it to exceed 670W of power and 21 .6% efficiency.

The Vertex line displays enormous potential to further reduce the costs of the rest of the system in projects, thanks to the low voltage and higher power of each string.

For its part, the Trina Solar solar panel of the Vertex S line is the first type of ultra-high power module designed specifically for residential and commercial roofs.

This line of 430W and 580W solar panels opens a new era. It brings Vertex technology, which incorporates 210 mm cells, to the distribution business.

Some of the advantages of the Trina Solar solar panel:

  • The quality vs. price is the best in the market.
  • The Trina Solar solar panel withstands the pressure of snow and wind. In addition, it has certified resistance to hail spheres with a diameter of 35mm and a speed of 97 km/h.
  • It reaches 19.7% efficiency, with 60 cells of 335Wp.
  • It has excellent resistance to temperature.

Trina Solar Recognitions

In 2014, Trina Solar managed to produce more than 1 GW of modules in a quarter and broke the world record for solar cell efficiency 7 times in a row.

Currently the company’s laboratory has state support and has set 16 world records on the same subject.

Internationally, it has won many awards, including:

  • United Nations BlueSky Award for Leading Technology
  • World’s Most Bankable Module Brand by Bloomberg
  • Boston Consulting Group Global Tech Challenger Top 100
  • World IoT Convention Top 500 by WIOTC
  • Chinese Industry Award
  • Global New Energy Company Top 500

In addition, Trina Solar leads the industry in R&D, holding nearly 1,300 photovoltaic patents.

Trina Solar Solar Panel Efficiency

The Trina Solar solar panel has the best results in STC conditions, because it has excellent temperature resistance and a 25-year performance guarantee that will always be respected under Meico Solar standards.

The Trina Solar solar panel achieves 19.7% efficiency.

Trina Solar Solar Panel Pricing and Warranty

At Meico Solar you can buy a Trina Solar solar panel at the best prices. You can send us a quote by adding the desired products to the cart, and one of our sales executives will contact you to offer you the best prices and advice for your solar engineering projects.

At Meico Solar we offer a 25-year warranty for the Trina Solar solar panel. The guarantee of the products will be valid as long as the Trina Solar solar panel purchased has not been tampered with or altered. And this applies whenever the installation of the panel has been carried out following the correct indications given by the manufacturer. Therefore, other situations that have occurred due to misuse would not be within the guarantee.

Trina Solar Solar Panel Applied Technologies

These are the technologies that have been developed at Trina Solar as some of its patents and are applied in solar panels:

  • PERC technology: increases connectivity and allows the improvement of electron conduction lines, which increases the power of each cell.
  • MMB Technology: Increases the light-gathering area in each cell with thinner cylindrical conductors that offer less resistance and don’t reflect light the other way.
  • Half Cut Technology: consists of cutting the cell in half to reduce internal resistance and have lower temperatures at the time of operation. Thus, consequently, the power and current are increased.
  • Big Wafer Technology: increasingly larger 25W and 45W wafers.
  • Split Cell technology: like Half Cut technology, this consists of dividing each panel in the middle, to decrease resistance and increase current.

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At Meico Solar you can quote a Trina Solar solar panel for your projects. You can send us a quote by adding the desired products to the cart, and one of our sales executives will contact you to offer you the best prices and advice for your solar engineering projects.

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