Controller EcoBOOST MPPT™

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The EcoBOOST MPPT ™ solar charger introduces the patented TracStar ™ technology from Morningstar into our new line of Essentials controllers and accessories. The EcoBOOST controllers automatically detect if the system configuration is 12 or 24 v8.

Reference: EB-MPPT-20 (M), EB-MPPT-30 (M), EB-MPPT-40 (M)

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EB-MPPT-20 (M)EB-MPPT-30 (M)EB-MPPT-40 (M)
Maximum Battery Current20A30A40A
12v Battery Bank300W to 40°C400W to 40°C560W to 40°C
24v Battery Bank600W to 40°C800W to 40°C1120W to 40°C
Maximum Open Circuit Voltage60V
(Without damage to the unit)
(Without damage to the unit)
(Without damage to the unit)
Nominal Voltage of the System12 to 24V12 to 24V12 to 24V
EB-20M / 30M / 40M lineIncludes MeterIncludes MeterIncludes Meter


Other Data
Working Environment Temperature-40°C a +60°C
Terminal2.5 – 16mm^2 / 14 – 2AWG
Warranty5 Years

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