Data Manager SMA

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Combined with the new Sunny Portal powered by the award-winning ennexOS, the Data Manager M optimizes the communication, monitoring and control of photovoltaic systems. Data Manager M replaces the Cluster Controller and brings the new ennexOS software platform based on the Internet of Things (IoT) for energy management. It is easily expandable and well equipped to address the new energy business models of the future. With intuitive configuration functions for the Data Manager M and the inverter, the startup time and associated labor are significantly reduced. With the new ennexOS platform, the system and inverter parameters can be changed remotely through Sunny Portal, which further reduces OPEX costs. The Data Manager M with ennexOS technology is the ideal energy management solution for owners and system operators alike.

Reference: Data Manager M

SKU 24211-1-2-1-1-5-1-1 Category

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Capacity Máx 50 equipos
  • Inversores SMA
  • Equipos secundarios de monitoreo y control SMA
Type of Communication
  • Ethernet
Grid-Zero Modality SI
Display Platforms SUNNY PORTAL por software de ennexOS
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