Out Back Power FLEXPower Radian

GridZero Technology, the newest of the Radian’s seven input modes, provides the perfect balance between utility power and stored renewable energy. By allowing a home or business to satisfy most of its power needs with renewable sources grid supplied power is only tapped when load demand exceeds a pre-set threshold. While the Radian is still grid-connected, grid dependence can be reduced to zero whenever possible

Reference: GS8048A y GS4048A

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Continuous Power Rating (@ 25°C)8000W 4000W
AC Output Voltage (selectable)120/240VAC (200-260VAC)120/240VAC (200-260VAC)
Grid-Interactive Frequency Range59.3 to 60,5 Hz59.3 to 60,5 Hz
Continuous Battery Charge Output115 A DC57.5 A DC
Dimensions H x W x L 71.1x40.6x22.1cm71.1x40.6x22.1cm

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