Fortress Power Evault Max 18.5 Lithium Battery

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Fortress Power’s latest innovative lithium iron phosphate battery is the 18.5 kWh eVault Max. An all-in-one solution for your residential and commercial needs. Scalable up to 370kWh with useful top cover access to make installing this battery simple and worry-free. The eVault Max is AC/DC coupled to solar panels and works for many applications requiring solar storage, including off-grid, backup power, self-supply, and peak load reduction, just to name a few.

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Fortress Power is the manufacturer of the most innovative lithium battery in the LATAM market. Energy storage solutions and reliable technical support. With Fortress Power solar energy storage, you can continue using your solar energy, even during grid outages. Adding Fortress Power energy storage to your solar PV systems allows you to maximize the use of your clean solar energy by storing excess solar energy for use at night.
  • Provide power during grid outages.
  • Reduce your electric bill by avoiding having to buy electricity at peak times.
  • Enjoy a 26% investment tax credit when you go solar.
  • Increase your independence from the electrical grid
Fortress Power has lithium-ferrophosphate technology, which allows us to have 6000 life cycles compared to the 2800 that the competition has in a period of 10 years. Fortress lithium batteries are made with lithium technology for off-grid and solar hybrid systems.

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