Growatt Residential Inverter MIC 3000TL-X

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The Growatt MIC 3000 TL-X residential inverter is a user-friendly option thanks to its compact design that makes it easy to install and transport. In addition, it has sound control to facilitate its operation and a remote service available on the Growatt portal.

This inverter also offers high performance, with a maximum efficiency of up to 97.6% and a wide working voltage that allows for longer production time. And of course, it’s safe and reliable, with multiple protections and extensive error detection, as well as an IP65 protection rating and natural cooling.

If you are looking for a residential inverter that is easy to use, offers high performance, and is safe and reliable, the Growatt MIC 1500-3000 inverter is an excellent choice.

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Features of the MIC 3000TL-X Residential Growatt Inverter

  • Maximum efficiency 97.6%
  • Optional export control
  • Sound control for easy operation
  • OLED screen and touch button
  • Up to 25 years of data storage
  • Compact design easy to install by one person
  • Wide working voltage for longer production time
  • IP65 protection grade
  • Natural cooling

About Growatt

Growatt is a company founded in 2011 by a group of pioneers in the global photovoltaic industry that seeks to build a green and sustainable future. To make their customers’ jobs easier, they offer a complete set of solar energy storage solutions, such as solar storage inverters, battery energy storage systems (BESS), and monitoring solutions, as well as support services. technical and warranty of the complete system, with the goal of providing an exceptional customer experience. The company has a large number of satisfied customers around the world and is among the top three suppliers of photovoltaic inverters worldwide. Notably, it is the number one supplier of residential inverters and the world’s largest supplier of energy storage inverters in terms of shipment volume. Its global presence spans 160 countries and regions, with 41 representative offices providing localized online and offline service support to improve service efficiency and reduce operation and maintenance costs for global customers. At Meico Solar we know that Growatt solutions are essential for a photovoltaic energy project, which is why we have our experts prepared to help you immediately quote your Growatt Residential MIC 3000TL-X inverter.



MIC 3000TL-X

MIN 5000TL-X MIN 6000TL-X

MIN 10000TL-X

AC Output Power


5.000W 6.000W


AC Output Voltage

240V (120V por fase)


DC Input Voltage




Type of Conexion DC


Network Configuration

Frequency AC: 50/60Hz

Number of PPT




Monitoring Type



6.2 Kg

10.8 Kg

18.2 Kg


5 years


Warranty of

4 years

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