Growatt Residential Inverter MIN 6000TL-X

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The Growatt MIN 2500-6000 TL-X inverter is the most innovative smart inverter with the option of connecting with batteries (XH models) for residential systems. It is of compact design and exceptional efficiency of up to 98.4%.

Easy to use thanks to the touch key and OLED screen. I have Type II SPD on the DC side and support power export control.

It is efficient when it comes to generating energy with a maximum efficiency of 98.4% and has double PPT.

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Features of the MIN 6000TL-X Residential Growatt Inverter

  • Maximum efficiency 98.4%
  • Double MPP follower
  • Optional export control
  • OLED screen and touch button
  • Up to 25 years of data storage
  • Wide range of maximum power point tracking (MPPT) voltages
  • Compact design easy to install by one person
  • AFCI function

About Growatt

Growatt was established in 2011 by a group of pioneers in the global photovoltaic industry with the vision of building a green and sustainable future. To make work easier and easier for its customers, Growatt offers a whole suite of solar energy storage solutions, including solar storage inverters, battery energy storage systems (BESS) and monitoring solutions, and also provides support services. technical and guarantee of the entire system, offering an excellent customer experience. Favored by global customers, Growatt is among the top three suppliers of photovoltaic inverters globally. Notably, the company is ranked as the number one residential inverter supplier globally, as well as the world’s largest supplier of energy storage inverters in terms of shipment volume. To date, Growatt’s business spans 160 countries and regions. The company has established 41 representative offices around the world to provide localized service support with a combination of online and offline support to improve service efficiency and reduce operation and maintenance costs for global customers.



MIC 3000TL-X

MIN 5000TL-X MIN 6000TL-X

MIN 10000TL-X

AC Output Power


5.000W 6.000W


AC Output Voltage

240V (120V por fase)


DC Input Voltage




Type of Conexion DC


Network Configuration

Frequency AC: 50/60Hz

Number of PPT




Monitoring Type



6.2 Kg

10.8 Kg

18.2 Kg


5 years


Warranty of

4 years

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