JA Solar Panel JAM-72S30 395Wp – 420Wp

SKU: JAM72S30-395-420/MR

Solar panels from JA Solar of the Deep Blue 3.0 generation. Assembled with PERC 11BB cells, the modules’ half-cell configuration offers the advantages of higher power output, better temperature-dependent performance, reduced shading effect on power generation, reduced risk of hot spots and improves tolerance to mechanical load.

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The JA Solar JAM-72S30 395Wp – 420Wp panel has these four great advantages:
  • Higher power output, the amount of power produced depends on the efficiency of the panel, so having high efficiency is a big advantage.
  • Less shade and resistivity losses, which indicates that the lower the losses, the more efficient the energy production, because both the shade on the panels and the increase in resistance between them will limit the capacity of the system. Shading and resistance limit power output, so a panel with fewer losses is more efficient.
  • Low levelized cost of energy, which is an indicator that relates the production costs during the useful life of a panel compared to the energy produced during that same period.
  • Better tolerance to mechanical load, which is relative to tolerance to mechanical load, indicates the ability of the panel to last over time under the designed installation condition.
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JA SOLAR PANEL JAM-72S30 395Wp – 420Wp DEEP BLUE 3.0

Product JAM54S30 410MR
Technology Monocrystalline 1/2 of MBB Cell
Peak Power 410W
Cells Numbers 108 Cells
Dimensions 1722 X 1134 X 30 mm
Weight 21.5 Kg
Warranty 12 Years for Manufacturing and 25 Years for Power Line
Efficiency 21%


Year Warranty



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