Morningstar Inversor SureSineTM

The SureSine is a pure sine wave inverter for off-grid solar applications requiring AC power. Applications include rural electrification, telecom, remote homes, RVs, caravans and boats.

Reference: SI-300-115 V

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SureSineSI-300-115 V
Continuous Power Rating300 W to 25 °C
Peak Power Rating (10 minutes)600 W to 25 °C
DC Input System Voltage10 - 15,5 V
Waveformpure sine wave
AC Output Voltage (RMS)115 V CA +/- 10%
AC Output Frequency60 Hz +/- 0,1%
Ambient Operating
-40 °C a +45 °C
Terminal35 mm2 / 2 AWG
Dimensions21,3 x 15,2 x 10,5 cm
Warranty2 years

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