Trina Solar Panel Solar DuoMax Poly 345Wp 72 celdas

The DUOMAX 72-cell panel’s dual heat-insulated glass design ensures higher performance and energy harvest, even under severe weather conditions such as intense humidity and high levels of radiation. The unique structure of the module generates greater protection against DIP and fire resistance. DUOMAX is designed to withstand elements of risk and is less susceptible to microcracks, deformation, UV aging and corrosion caused by sand, acid, phosphates and salt spray.
Reference: TSM-PEG15H.20



TSM-400-DEG15M.20(II) TSM-410-DEG15M.20(II) TSM-415-DEG15M.20(II)
Tecnología Monocristalino Dual Glass Half-Cells
Potencia Pico 400 W 410 W 415 W
Número de Celdas 144 Celdas
Dimensiones 2024 × 1002 × 30 mm
Peso 26 kg
Garantía 12 años por Fabricación

30 años en Línea de Potencia

Eficiencia 19,7% 20,2% 20,5%

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